Cosmic Urban Connect

Very soon, embark on an incredible visual journey through the pages of entrepreneur-designer Sundaresan Jagannivasan’s delightful coffee table book “Cosmic Urban Connect”. In this book to be released, through a blend of oil, textile, digital and mixed media, Jagan brings the complexities of the cosmic and urban to life. Each painting shall be  a portal to a world where abstract text interacts with the arteries of the city, inviting attention and interaction. Reader will sure explore these pages to find not only images, but stories told in simple colours and text, each with touching lines that give you an insight into the artist’s vision for “Cosmic Urban Connect”.

With an engineering background and graduation in 1980, Jagan briefly worked at HHE, Easun, before venturing into entrepreneurship, establishing his solenoid coil factory. This period led to interactions with US consultants, inspiring the creation of a Bulletin Board Service in Bangalore during the nascent internet era. Jagan founded MatexNet in 1995, revolutionizing online surplus auctions in India. MatexNet emerged as a platform connecting surplus inventories, redefining inventory management. In 2017, he shifted his focus to art and painting, guided by Shri M.G Doddamani, exploring various mediums. Despite pandemic challenges, he produced over 200 art pieces, culminating in his 2023 solo exhibition, ‘Cosmic Urban Connect,’ at Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore. Jagan’s story embodies innovation, entrepreneurial experience, and an artistic adventure, showcasing willpower and passion.




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