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Cosmic Urban Connect - Coffee table book launched

Greetings I am deeply grateful for the profound influence of cosmic forces in my journey as an artist. My heart brims with gratitude as I pay tribute to my revered guru, Shirdi Sai, whose spiritual guidance has been my guiding light. Humbly I extend my heartfelt thanks to my beloved family, my mother, brothers, my children and their families, especially my legendary father, the late Shri. Ja.Ra.Sundaresan, whose iconic characters, Appuswamy and Seethapatti, continue to resonate in the hearts of many. Their legacy lives on in my art. Gratitude to my brother, Yogesh for his belief in me and support. Grateful to my amazing wife Viji for her unwavering support in bringing ‘Cosmic Urban Connect’ to life. Her encouragement means a lot to me.  I cherish the memory of my school teacher, the late KND, whose wisdom and teachings have left an indelible mark on my soul. I owe a debt of gratitude to my art guru, Shri MG Doddamani, whose unwavering support and mentorship have been a constant source